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HONDA MARINE was created in 1964 - an era dominated by 2-stroke engines - with the first GB30 outboard 4-stroke engine. The innovative approach to outboard engines began a new era.

Today, HONDA MARINE offers a very wide range of outboard engines, from the smallest, portable BF2.3 with 2.3 hp to the largest and most modern BF250 - 3.6-litre V6 engine with 250 hp.

Engines Mercury Marine

Equipping your boat with outboard engines for Mercurego boats, you receive not only the best engines in the world, but also the support of, among others, us - a team of motorboat enthusiasts who care about your safety and passion.

For over 70 years, Mercury's emphasis on the development of outboard engines, propulsion, and engine and boat control has meant that no other brand has such a rich offer for motorboats. Whether you choose quiet and economical four-stroke models, dynamic and proven Optimax engines or powerful and technologically advanced supercharged models, every Mercury engine type ensures that the choice you make is a hit in every respect.

Engines Suzuki Marine

Suzuki engineers spend countless hours on the water comparing, developing, and testing outboard engines, and simply enjoying the swim. We've long established that the best outboard engine is the one that gives you the most excitement and satisfaction. We spend our time and energy, Knowledge, skills, as well as the most advanced technical solutions at our disposal to give our outboard engines an advantage - better performance, greater durability, lower fuel consumption or quieter operation. We will not stop raising the bar for you because we want to give you the greatest pleasure from being on the water.

Engine Yamaha

Yamaha outboard engines offer features such as computer-controlled ignition, a warm-up start system, a water-cooled fuel pump and a large silencer were previously only available on larger engines. Whatever their use - commercial, professional or recreational - these engines are a recipe for success.

Parker Electric Motors & Accessories

Parker is a world leader in propulsion and control technologies, providing high-tech solutions for a wide range of mobile, industrial and aviation markets. At parker, we have an extremely wide and deep product range from a global leader in nine core propulsion and control technologies that include: aerospace, climate control, electromechanics, filtration, fluid and gas handling, power hydraulics, pneumatics, industrial process control, sealing and shielding. We can apply these products and technologies individually to solve simpler customer challenges, or we can combine them to develop systems that address these more complex challenges.